MULTS Passive Multiples Module
MULTS Passive Multiples Module

MULTS Passive Multiples Module

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The MULTS module is a passive multiple for your Eurorack system.

The MULTS simply provides connections between jacks. There are three groups of four jacks. Any jack within a group can be used either as an input or an output.

When no cable is inserted in the top-left jack of a group, the group is automatically connected to the group above it. This allows you to use the MULTS in many ways:
  • 3x4: Connect four jacks together, three times
  • 1x7 + 1x4: Connect seven jacks together, and four jacks together
  • 1x10: Connect ten jack together
Here's some ways you can use the MULTS:
  • Send a clock/gate/CV to many destinations
  • Merge two or more clocks together and send them to multiple destinations
  • Mix the output of multiple oscillators
  • Compose complex CVs by combining LFO and envelope generator signals together
  • Offset a signal with DC
  • ... and much more!

The MULTS is inexpensive, does not use any power, and unlocks a world of creative possibilities! It's a must-have, essential part of any Eurorack system!

MULTS is also sold as part of the EURORACK ESSENTIALS bundle.


  • Three mult groups
  • Four connections per group
  • Inter-group normaling
  • Skiff-friendly shallow design
  • Comes with anti-rash M3 Befaco Knurlies screws
  • White panel with black markings and gold plated accents
  • Passive module (does not require power)
Inputs and Outputs
  • 12 input/output jacks (four per group)
  • Organized in three groups of jacks
  • Top-left jack of bottom two groups are normaled to the above group
Inside the box
  • MULTS Module
  • 2 M3x7mm Befaco Knurlies screws
  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth:
    • Overall: 18mm
    • Inside, from back of faceplate: 14mm
  • Front panel thickness: 2.0mm
  • Power consumption: unpowered