ATT3 Attenuators Module
ATT3 Attenuators Module

ATT3 Attenuators Module

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The ATT3 module is a triple attenuator for your Eurorack system.

Each of the ATT3's three attenuators lets you attenuate a signal using a smooth, performance-friendly knob.

Here's some ways you can use the ATT3:
  • Attenuate CV signals before patching them in unattenuated CV inputs
  • In live performace situations, tweak CV signals using a great feeling knob instead of using CV-input micro-knobs often found on modules
  • Attenuate an audio signal (the knob has linear taper, so it's better suited for CV than audio, but you can still use it for that)

The ATT3 is inexpensive, does not use any power, and unlocks a world of creative possibilities! It's a must-have, essential part of any Eurorack system!

ATT3 is also sold as part of the EURORACK ESSENTIALS bundle.


  • Three attenuation channels
  • Skiff-friendly shallow design
  • Comes with anti-rash M3 Befaco Knurlies screws
  • White panel with black markings and gold plated accents
  • Passive module (does not require power)

  • 3 output level knob (one per channel)

  • 3 input jacks (one per channel)

  • 3 output jack (one per channel)

Inside the box
  • ATT3 Module
  • 2 M3x7mm Befaco Knurlies screws

  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth:
    • Overall: 35mm
    • Inside, from back of faceplate: 14mm
  • Front panel thickness: 2.0mm
  • Power consumption: unpowered